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Cognito "confirmDevice" error: "Invalid device credentials given"

I have a Cognito User Pool working with MFA enabled (optional), and I am currently working on setting up Device Tracking so that users can bypass MFA for trusted devices ("Allow users to bypass MFA for trusted devices" set to "Yes"). I am using the AWS SDK for **Ruby**, and can successfully step through the `admin_initiate_auth` and `admin_respond_to_auth_challenge` steps. When I run `confirm_device` I am getting an exception: ``` Invalid device credentials given, no credentials given ``` Searching on Google for the exception message, I've so far been unable to find any examples of error message for Cognito. The code I'm using: ```ruby class Cognito attr_reader :client, :user_pool_id, :app_client_id, :app_client_secret def initialize @client = region: ENV['AWS_REGION'], access_key_id: ENV['AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID'], secret_access_key: ENV['AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY'] ) @user_pool_id = ENV['AWS_USER_POOL_ID'] @app_client_id = ENV["AWS_APP_CLIENT_ID"] @app_client_secret = ENV["AWS_APP_CLIENT_SECRET_KEY"] end class << self def secret_hash(username) cognito = Base64.strict_encode64(OpenSSL::HMAC.digest('sha256', cognito.app_client_secret, username + cognito.app_client_id)) end def authenticate(username:, password:) cognito = user_object = { USERNAME: username, PASSWORD: password, SECRET_HASH: Cognito.secret_hash(username), } auth_object = { user_pool_id: cognito.user_pool_id, client_id: cognito.app_client_id, auth_flow: "ADMIN_NO_SRP_AUTH", auth_parameters: user_object, } cognito.client.admin_initiate_auth(auth_object) end def admin_respond_to_auth_challenge(session:, mfa_code:, username:) cognito = cognito.client.admin_respond_to_auth_challenge({ user_pool_id: cognito.user_pool_id, client_id: cognito.app_client_id, challenge_name: "SMS_MFA", # required, accepts SMS_MFA, SOFTWARE_TOKEN_MFA, SELECT_MFA_TYPE, MFA_SETUP, PASSWORD_VERIFIER, CUSTOM_CHALLENGE, DEVICE_SRP_AUTH, DEVICE_PASSWORD_VERIFIER, ADMIN_NO_SRP_AUTH, NEW_PASSWORD_REQUIRED challenge_responses: { "SMS_MFA_CODE" => mfa_code, "USERNAME" => username, "SECRET_HASH" => Cognito.secret_hash(username), }, session: session, context_data: { # TODO get these from request. ip_address: "", # required server_name: "localhost", # required server_path: "", # required http_headers: [ # required { header_name: "StringType", header_value: "StringType", }, ], }, }) end def confirm_device(device_key:, access_token:, device_name: nil) cognito = cognito.client.confirm_device({ device_key: device_key, access_token: access_token, device_name: device_name, }) end end end ``` And called with: ``` r = Cognito.authenticate(username: '', password: "Password1") challenge = Cognito.admin_respond_to_auth_challenge(session: r.session, mfa_code: "123456", username: '') confirm = Cognito.confirm_device(device_key: challenge.authentication_result.new_device_metadata.device_key, access_token: challenge.authentication_result.access_token, device_name: "John's Machine") ``` With the full error being: ``` /Users/myname/.rbenv/versions/3.1.2/lib/ruby/gems/3.1.0/gems/aws-sdk-core-3.126.0/lib/seahorse/client/plugins/raise_response_errors.rb:17:in `call': Invalid device credentials given, no credentials given (Aws::CognitoIdentityProvider::Errors::InvalidParameterException) ``` I'm not sure what credentials I'm missing. Any help would be appreciated! Thank you.
asked 6 months ago