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Cloudfront Multiple Distributions Automatic Directs

Hello, I have a question, I have 2 cloudfront distributions with 2 different certificates / domains that point to the same S3 Bucket # main distribution is, with alternate domain + certificate: # second distribution is, with alternate domain + certificate: On DNS (I use cloudflare) I have a CNAME for the main distribution domain: # cname to and I add other subdomains pointing to this other CNAME (for better management as I have many subdomains): # cname to but I also do point subdomain from the other domain to this (again because of management and some hardcoded links, **so I can't point it to it's own distribution**): # cname to On theory I would need to use **cloudfront function to redirect the to it's distribution (**, but it works without it and I don't know why (it shouldn't or there is some universal property of cloudfront I'm not aware about), because **there is no pointing / redirect from first distribution to the second one** configured, the **only DNS pointing to cloudfront is from** (cname to, and the **certificates are different**. Is it expected? Need to be sure for not having headaches on the future with production stuff.
asked 9 months ago