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AmazonCloudWatchLogs.DescribeLogGroupsAsync() is not working nor throwing any errors when invoked

Call to AmazonCloudWatchLogs.DescribeLogGroupsAsync() is not working nor throwing any errors when invoked. 1] Can you please share more inputs to resolve this issue / get errors logged for this call [or all AWS .NET API calls]? 2] Is there any additional settings / configurations we need to do so that error / catch block is invoked so we get logs about it? We want to send logs to AWS CloudWatch for our internal/on-premise web application [this is actually hosted on internal cloud & .NET + Angular Web application] So we are using AWS .NET API i.e. AmazonCloudWatchLogs.DescribeLogGroupsAsync() & other related classes. We have wrapped call to this function with try catch block along with proper logging at all lines including catch block error logging but we are not getting any logs post call to AmazonCloudWatchLogs.DescribeLogGroupsAsync() & also logs in catch block also not invoked. Below is sample code For reference, 1] we only get logs till - _consoleLogger.LogInformation("Logger ctor - Calling DescribeLogGroupsAsync Start"); 2] & also log statement in catch block are not invoked. Sample Code - ``` try { _consoleLogger.LogInformation("Logger ctor - Calling DescribeLogGroupsAsync Start"); var existingLogGroups = _client.DescribeLogGroupsAsync(); var result = existingLogGroups.ConfigureAwait(true).GetAwaiter().GetResult(); _consoleLogger.LogInformation($"Logger ctor - NextToken is {result.NextToken}"); _consoleLogger.LogInformation("Logger ctor - Calling DescribeLogGroupsAsync End"); Initialise(_consoleLogger).Wait(); } catch (AggregateException exception) { foreach (var inner in exception.InnerExceptions) { _consoleLogger.LogError(inner, $"Logger ctor - AggregateException occured in Logger ctor"); } } catch (Exception exception) { _consoleLogger.LogError(exception, $"Logger ctor - Exception occured in Logger Ctor"); } ```
asked a month ago