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Webdriver testcases are failing while setting connection

Trying to deploy a basic + nodejs test on devicefarm but always for ios device test cases are getting stuck at Testcase is failing: job arn: arn:aws:devicefarm:us-west-2:612756076442:job:02bd6c95-640d-43b3-82eb-6f618777ac73/1a6364f3-7528-44b1-afa1-d6c2dc51d881/00000 ``` 2022-05-04T22:40:58.353Z ERROR @wdio/runner: Error: Failed to create session. [0-0] Unable to connect to "http://localhost:4723/", make sure browser driver is running on that address. [0-0] If you use services like chromedriver see initialiseServices logs above or in wdio.log file as the service might had problems to start the driver. [0-0] at startWebDriverSession (/private/tmp/scratchY4h2F6.scratch/test-packagex5aknf/node_modules/integration/node_modules/webdriver/build/utils.js:72:15) [0-0] at process.processTicksAndRejections (node:internal/process/task_queues:95:5) [0-0] at async Function.newSession (/private/tmp/scratchY4h2F6.scratch/test-packagex5aknf/node_modules/integration/node_modules/webdriver/build/index.js:46:45) [0-0] at async remote (/private/tmp/scratchY4h2F6.scratch/test-packagex5aknf/node_modules/integration/node_modules/webdriverio/build/index.js:77:22) [0-0] at async Runner._startSession (/private/tmp/scratchY4h2F6.scratch/test-packagex5aknf/node_modules/integration/node_modules/@wdio/runner/build/index.js:223:56) ``` and for android testcases is asking for node version greater than 12 (after adding nvm install 18.1.0 in yaml)
asked 5 months ago