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Issue in the installation of the AWS CodeDeploy Agent in EC2 instance with AMI - Ubuntu Server 22.04 LTS

have created an Amazon EC2 instance with AMI - Ubuntu Server 22.04 LTS (Free Tier) and try to install AWS CodeDeploy Agent into it. I am following the official documentation from Amazon to install CodeDeploy agent into the Ubuntu server. [](AWS Documentation Link) I have connected the EC2 instance with SSH Keypairs and run the following commands: ``` sudo apt update sudo apt install ruby-full sudo apt install wget wget chmod +x ./install sudo ./install auto ``` In the last command, I got the following error message: ``` I, [2022-11-25T20:22:45.262298 #4303] INFO -- : Starting Ruby version check. E, [2022-11-25T20:22:45.262740 #4303] ERROR -- :Current running Ruby version for root is 3.0.2, but Ruby version 2.x needs to be installed. E, [2022-11-25T20:22:45.262959 #4303] ERROR -- : If you already have the proper Ruby version installed, please either create a symlink to /usr/bin/ruby2.x, E, [2022-11-25T20:22:45.263173 #4303] ERROR -- : or run this install script with right interpreter. Otherwise please install Ruby 2.x for root user. E, [2022-11-25T20:22:45.263378 #4303] ERROR -- : You can get more information by running the script with --help option. ``` Please let me know if there is any other hacks, I should employ to install AWS CodeDeploy agent in the EC2 instance with with AMI - Ubuntu Server 22.04 LTS (Free Tier). Thanks in advance!!
asked 6 days ago