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DescribeFrameworkByUUID permission missing on service-linked role AWSServiceRoleForBackupReports

This is causing CloudTrail to log many access denied attempts, triggering an alarm: ```json { "eventVersion": "1.08", "userIdentity": { "type": "AssumedRole", "principalId": "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx:StorageDescribeFrameworkUUID", "arn": "arn:aws:sts::xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx:assumed-role/AWSServiceRoleForBackupReports/StorageDescribeFrameworkUUID", "accountId": "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx", "accessKeyId": "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx", "sessionContext": { "sessionIssuer": { "type": "Role", "principalId": "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx", "arn": "arn:aws:iam::xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx:role/aws-service-role/", "accountId": "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx", "userName": "AWSServiceRoleForBackupReports" }, "webIdFederationData": {}, "attributes": { "creationDate": "2022-09-28T08:56:37Z", "mfaAuthenticated": "false" } }, "invokedBy": "" }, "eventTime": "2022-09-28T08:56:37Z", "eventSource": "", "eventName": "DescribeFrameworkByUUID", "awsRegion": "ca-central-1", "sourceIPAddress": "", "userAgent": "", "errorCode": "AccessDenied", "requestParameters": null, "responseElements": null, "requestID": "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx", "eventID": xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx", "readOnly": true, "eventType": "AwsApiCall", "managementEvent": true, "recipientAccountId": "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx", "eventCategory": "Management" } ``` It is impossible to delete the role: ``` Errors during deleting roles. Role AWSServiceRoleForBackupReports not deleted. There are resources that rely on this role. ``` And it is not possible to add custom permissions to the service-linked role. It does not seem to be possible to configure a custom role for the backup reports either. What can I do ?
asked 2 days ago