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ResourceLimitExceeded exception but I have Quota

I am not able to to start a SageMaker notebook neither a SageMaker training job with ml.c5.xlarge (or any other instance type). I checked on "Quota Services", and I clearly have quotes for both tasks. - 1 in "applied quota value" for "ml.c5.xlarge for notebook instance usage". - 15 in "applied quota value" for "ml.c5.xlarge for training job usage". Of course I am checking in the same region I try to work: "us-east-1". I have researched for several days, and all forum suggests to ask for a limit increase. Nevertheless, I already have quota (limits) available. Nevertheless, when I try to start the Jupyter notebook, it raise the exception `The account-level service limit 'ml.c5.xlarge for notebook instance usage' is 0 Instances, with current utilization of 0 Instances and a request delta of 1 Instances. Please contact AWS support to request an increase for this limit.` It is strange because the exception says that I have a limit of 0 instances, while the quota list services says I have 1. Here's the output of the command `service-quotas list-service-quotas` ``` { "ServiceCode": "sagemaker", "ServiceName": "Amazon SageMaker", "QuotaArn": "arn:aws:servicequotas:us-east-1:631720213551:sagemaker/L-E2BB44FE", "QuotaCode": "L-E2BB44FE", "QuotaName": "ml.c5.xlarge for training job usage", "Value": 15.0, "Unit": "None", "Adjustable": true, "GlobalQuota": false }, { "ServiceCode": "sagemaker", "ServiceName": "Amazon SageMaker", "QuotaArn": "arn:aws:servicequotas:us-east-1:631720213551:sagemaker/L-39F5FD98", "QuotaCode": "L-39F5FD98", "QuotaName": "ml.c5.xlarge for notebook instance usage", "Value": 1.0, "Unit": "None", "Adjustable": true, "GlobalQuota": false, "UsageMetric": { "MetricNamespace": "AWS/Usage", "MetricName": "ResourceCount", "MetricDimensions": { "Class": "None", "Resource": "notebook-instance/ml.c5.xlarge", "Service": "SageMaker", "Type": "Resource" }, "MetricStatisticRecommendation": "Maximum" } }, ``` I strongly appreciate your help, because I have no way to open a SageMaker training job for several days. Thanks.
asked 2 months ago