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Unable to Relaunch Elasticsearch Connector for AWS Glue from Marketplace

Prior, I was able to Subscribe to [Relaunch Elasticsearch Connector]( Upon subscribing and following the instructions on that page, I ended at "Configure this software" in the Elasticsearch Connector Marketplace subscription. Upon choosing "Glue version 3.0" and selecting software version "7.13.4-2", initially, I was met with a box labeled "Usage instructions", which I was able to follow, get SecretsManager set up successfully. Initially, I was met with a generated link below "Usage instructions" reading "Deployment template: Activate connector in AWS Glue". Upon clicking this convenient link, I was taken to "AWS Glue Studio > Connectors" page in my account, with a generated MARKETPLACE type connector. Through trial and error in getting the connector set up, I had along the lines deleted this MARKETPLACE connector, with seemingly no obvious way to restore or retrieve it. After googling around, I was unable to find any similar issues as this, so I attempted to unsubscribe and re-subscribe to the Marketplace connector. Upon doing so, and reaching "Usage instructions" (on [Relaunch Elasticsearch Connector](, the option "Deployment template: Activate connector in AWS Glue" had disappeared with no apparent way to re-create this MARKETPLACE connector in glue. Is this expected behavior for Marketplace custom glue connectors, and, if so, are there any steps to properly recreate a MARKETPLACE custom connector within my account?
asked a month ago