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Can I Use NVMe Reservation on a Multi-Attach Enabled Volume?

Hi, I want to use Amazon EBS Multi-Attach to share data between multiple EC2 instances. In the [UserGuide](, it says > Multi-Attach enabled volumes do not support I/O fencing. I/O fencing protocols control write access in a shared storage environment to maintain data consistency. Your applications must provide write ordering for the attached instances to maintain data consistency. I've googled *"I/O fencing"* and found that NVMe Reservation is a good way (compared to "power fencing", which means powering off the error node) to implement I/O fencing. However, I failed to use NVMe Reservation on a Multi-Attach Enabled Volume. The details are as follows. - EC2: r5b.large, ubuntu-22.04 - EBS: io2, 100GiB, 6000 IOPS, enabled Multi-Attach I run following command in ec2 instance: ``` > sudo nvme list ``` and get ``` Node SN Model Namespace Usage Format FW Rev --------------------- -------------------- ---------------------------------------- --------- -------------------------- ---------------- -------- /dev/nvme0n1 volxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Amazon Elastic Block Store 1 8.59 GB / 8.59 GB 512 B + 0 B 2.0 /dev/nvme1n1 volxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Amazon Elastic Block Store 1 107.37 GB / 107.37 GB 512 B + 0 B 2.0 ``` then run ``` > sudo nvme resv-register -n 1 --crkey=0x0 --nrkey=0xa1 --rrega=0 /dev/nvme1n1 ``` and get ``` NVMe status: INVALID_OPCODE: The associated command opcode field is not valid(0x2001) ``` I googled this error message and find that it may be caused by the driver not supporting. To confirm that, I run ``` > sudo nvme amzn id-ctrl /dev/nvme1n1 -H ``` and get ``` ... oncs : 0 [8:8] : 0 Copy Not Supported [7:7] : 0 Verify Not Supported [6:6] : 0 Timestamp Not Supported [5:5] : 0 Reservations Not Supported [4:4] : 0 Save and Select Not Supported [3:3] : 0 Write Zeroes Not Supported [2:2] : 0 Data Set Management Not Supported [1:1] : 0 Write Uncorrectable Not Supported [0:0] : 0 Compare Not Supported ... ``` The fifth bit indicates that "not supporting reservation". So does **NOT** AWS Multi-Attach Enabled Volume support NVMe Reservation? Or there are other ways to solve this problem?
asked 10 days ago