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How to Access Administration Account On Workspace to Admin Simple AD.

I want to admin a Simple AD for Workspace (windows). However I can't seem to find the answer I'm looking for. Has anyone got any personal experience with this? I've had lots of people say that I just need to be logged in with the correct credentials. I have the correct credentials, what I lack is the ability to access Workspaces with those credentials. I just want global admin access to the AD in order to manage all the users. My notes of what I have tried below * 1stly, I'm logged in as the main admin for AWS. I have access to everything. * When you create a Workspace, you can add a single user to a workspace and they act as a Local Admin. They can not administer the AD. The options are greyed out. * When you set up Simple AD, you create a admin password. However, there is no way of accessing Workspace with the Administrator and password. When you try to create a Workspace with the Administrator profile, i get an error saying you can do that on a service account. * The user guides say that you need to connect an EC2 instance to the domain, But When I do that, I am unable to see the domain in AD tools, despite being part of the domain. I've added all the correct Features (AD DS and AD LDS Tools & DNS Server Tools) but the domain does not show up and there is no way of accessing the domain via this route. The error you get is "To Manage User, Groups and computer in a domain, log on a as a user with domain administrator rights". Can someone please let me know how to administrate Simple AD? I've spent all week researching and experimenting and I'm completely stumped. Thanks
asked 19 days ago