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Error Creating Endpoint

Hi! The following error happens while trying to create an endpoint from a successful trained model: * In the web console: > The customer:primary container for production variant AllTraffic did not pass the ping health check. Please check CloudWatch logs for this endpoint. * CloudWatch logs: > exec: "serve": executable file not found in $PATH Im deploying the model using a Lambda step, just as in this [notebook]( The Lambda step is successful, and I can see in the AWS web console that the model configuration is created with success. The exact same error happens when I create an endpoint for the registered model in the AWS web console, under Inference -> Models. In the console I can see that an inference container was created for the model, with the following characteristics: * Image: * Mode: single model * Environment variables (Key Value): > SAGEMAKER_CONTAINER_LOG_LEVEL 20 > SAGEMAKER_PROGRAM > SAGEMAKER_REGION eu-west-3 > SAGEMAKER_SUBMIT_DIRECTORY /opt/ml/model/code I absolutely have no clue what is wrong and I could not find anything relevant online about this problem. Is it necessary to provide an custom docker image for inference or something? For more details, please find below the pipeline model steps code. Any help would be much appreciated! ``` model = Model( image_uri=estimator.training_image_uri(),, sagemaker_session=sagemaker_session, role=sagemaker_role, source_dir='code', entry_point='' ) step_model_create = ModelStep( name="CreateModelStep", step_args=model.create(instance_type="ml.m5.large") ) register_args = model.register( content_types=["*"], response_types=["application/json"], inference_instances=["ml.m5.large"], transform_instances=["ml.m5.large"], model_package_group_name="test", approval_status="Approved" ) step_model_register = ModelStep(name="RegisterModelStep", step_args=register_args) ```
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asked 4 days ago