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Multi-region Cognito?

There is a 4 years old thread on aws forums but i think there is still no support for multi-region cognito? we run on us & asia regions and cognito is the single bottleneck. We can run databases, APIs etc cross-region but not cognito :( One thing is lag. We can either support US or Asia customers better now :( But another high topic is disaster recovery & failover. This month was real bad for AWS, it was down in US regions for 3 times in a month. Last year, AWS was also down during Q4 of 2020 and Q4 is most important Q of the year for many because of holiday sales. We run on n.virginia (probably most pop region?) and it was heavily affected during this December, when the traffic is at it's peak and everyone just looks how AWS region is down and $ is not collected from the peak sales period. I bet a lot of you had that frustration during this December 2021 too. And also 2020, while AWS was down during Q4 of 2020 too. AWS talks constantly - everything fails, do multi region. Follow the 5 pillars. How can we follow AWS best practises when core service which is in use by user for any API call can not run by AWS's best practises? What's the point to run database in multi-region as failover if user can't access it anyways because of the 1st service it needs to hit is single-region and it is down? The thread around this started back in 2017 Mar, It's been 4 years already and still no option to run multi-region authorization. AWS, Is there any progress on this?
asked 9 months ago