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Multi Channel Pinpoint Journey

Hi, I want to be able to contact users via Email and SMS when a specific event is triggered. My understanding is that I need to define 2 endpoints for the user, one with his Email and one with his phone number and link them via the UserId. I guess there isn't any way to add 2 different channels to the same endpoint? What I tried: - I created 2 endpoints: One for Email (*user1-email*), one for SMS (*user1-sms*) with the same UserId (*user1*). - I created 2 dynamic segments: one for channel=EMAIL, one for channel=SMS - I created a Journey with an event as entry: *event=delivery* - I added a "Multivariate Split": - Segment "Email" => Send Email - Segment "SMS" => Send SMS - When sending the *event=delivery* to Pinpoint for the endpoint *user1-email*, the email is delivered as expected - When sending the *event=delivery* to Pinpoint for the endpoint *user1-sms*, no SMS is sent, but the email flow is executed and sent to the address attached to *user1-email* - Adding *user2-sms* (SMS channel) with no linked email channel: - When sending the event=delivery to Pinpoint for the endpoint *user2-sms*, the SMS is successfully delivered (meaning there isn't any SMS configuration mistake) Am I doing something wrong or is this the intended behavior? I find it very odd that information from the endpoint *user1-email* would be used when the event is sent to the endpoint *user1-sms*, unless we have a way to define "preferred channel for a user". Is there another way to achieve this that doesn't involve calling *send-message* for each destination from a Lambda function? Thanks, Daniel
asked a month ago