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Amplify S3 bucket missing?

Good Evening, I setup my amplify app through the ui, connected it to my gitlab, route53 with routing my purchased domain from google. I am getting an error now that I am at the limit for free tier storage. My website is less than 500 mb. I tried searching for the S3 bucket that I guess was automagically created but there are zero S3 buckets listed for my account. From what I have been able to find online it looks like amplify keeps all versions of the website. How do I access an S3 bucket to remove extra versions of the website if it doesn't show on my S3 bucket list? ** edit ** Here is the amplify get-app details. I also ran the jobs and looked at the artifacts, none of the jobs create an artifact. My app is pure css, html, javascript so nothing gets built. I also tried the s3api list-buckets command => empty. And the cloudformation describe-stacks command => empty. From everything I can see, there is not a single storage item associated with my amplify instance and yet I am getting the notification that it is running out of space. ``` { "app": { "appId": "an id", "appArn": "arn:aws:amplify:us-east-2:long number:apps/an id", "name": "bosonstudioswebsite", "tags": {}, "repository": "", "platform": "WEB", "createTime": "2021-05-09T16:00:24.489000-04:00", "updateTime": "2022-05-15T01:13:05.078000-04:00", "environmentVariables": {}, "defaultDomain": "an", "enableBranchAutoBuild": false, "enableBranchAutoDeletion": false, "enableBasicAuth": false, "customRules": [ { "source": "", "target": "", "status": "302" }, { "source": "/<*>", "target": "/index.html", "status": "404-200" } ], "productionBranch": { "lastDeployTime": "2022-08-13T13:12:36.782000-04:00", "status": "SUCCEED", "thumbnailUrl": "its here", "branchName": "master" }, "buildSpec": "version: 1\nfrontend:\n phases:\n # IMPORTANT - Please verify your build commands\n build:\n commands: []\n artifacts:\n # IMPORTANT - Please verify your build output directory\n baseDirectory: /\n files:\n - '**/*'\n cache:\n paths: []\n", "customHeaders": "", "enableAutoBranchCreation": false, "repositoryCloneMethod": "SSH" } } ```
asked 4 days ago
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