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ACM Certificate issued for an private hosted zone, status stuck on pending validation

Hi, we have a certificate issued by ACM for the domain for renewal, and the status of this certificate is `pending validation`. I tried to add the CNAME record by `Create Records in Route 53`, and it pop as "the record is successfully created". Waited for a day, the certificate is still on `pending validation` status. To give a clear example, naming the domain that needs verification as ``. I checked in route53 that there is no CNAME record in the hosted zone "", however we have a record in the hosted zone ``. I'm not sure about the relationship of this two domain names. But `` is a **private hosted zone ** and `` is a **public hosted zone ** that has the CNAME record we need to add to ``. The record in the public hosted zone has CNAME has record name. I have followed [DNS validation]( and [Why is my AWS Certificate Manager (ACM) certificate DNS validation status still pending validation?]( and it's a bit confusing that is this the correct certificate we get for a private hosted zone? Shouldn't we get it from ACM CA? If no, where should I add this record to? I pasted the example below, how do I complete validation for this domain? ![Route 53 Dashboard](/media/postImages/original/IMIGfX3gQFT6OTpL1NG61-3A) ![Certificate](/media/postImages/original/IMj6JK8q3HRdST1BZkFD3cpA)
asked 18 days ago