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Fully private eks cluster

Hi, I have a fully private VPC named HSCN without any internet access containing 2 public and 2 private subnets. This VPC is peered with another VPC let's say internet-vpc. I want to deploy my fully private eks cluster in the private subnet of HSCN-VPC. I have followed the [private cluster requirements]( I am not deploying any pod so I don't need the repository yet. For the 2nd and 3rd requirement, eksctl takes care of it by itself. The problem is when I deploy the cluster my node instances are failing to join. Secondly, my kubectl and eksctl commands time out. Which means I am not able to get cluster info or any node information. Blow is my cluster config ``` apiVersion: kind: ClusterConfig metadata: name: test-cluster region: eu-west-2 version: "1.23" privateCluster: enabled: true additionalEndpointServices: - "autoscaling" vpc: id: vpc-id subnets: private: hscn-1-subnet: id: subnet-id hscn-2-subnet: id: subnet-id managedNodeGroups: - name: serv-test-1 instanceType: m5.xlarge desiredCapacity: 1 volumeType: gp2 volumeSize: 50 privateNetworking: true amiFamily: Ubuntu2004 subnets: - hscn-2-subnet ssh: allow: true labels: role: role tags: nodegroup-role: testing ``` It is clear that my nodes and kubectl commands are not able to communicate to kubernetes api server endpoints. Is there even a way to deploy a cluster in the setup like mentioned above? If yes, then please someone guide me how can I deploy fully functional cluster in this setup? Thanks
asked 25 days ago