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Lake Formation Column-based access on a resource link

First, what I see in the very last screenshot image of the [Granting resource link permissions]( page is that the '*column based permissions'* option is disabled ... ![Different presentation](/media/postImages/original/IMOfG-uH-4RX6SDHS0qdQJGA "Different presentation") ..., but in our account, for a *resource link* I have a different presentation with different options, no *super*. ![No super persmission](/media/postImages/original/IMkBkl3vAqTtKOQ4T5ueF_ug "No SUPER permission") 1. Not blocker : I wonder if the difference between the two images is only a recent change in the interface. 2. **Blocker:** Why it isn't possible to grant *column-bassed* permissions on a resource link? Our use case is the following. - Producer account : Sharing 'tableA' with an external account (Consumer) with Alter, Describe, Insert & Select permissions with **all columns**. Done with both *cross account versions* - Consumer account: - Create resource link *tableA_producer* from the *Producer.tableA* shared table. - Trying to grant access to some users to *tableA_producer*, but to only some columns ... But what I see now is that it is not possible, why ? We don't want to do multiple resource sharings from Prod for the same resource. ______ **Bonus question :** What are the differences between the '*cross account version settings*' version 1 and 2 ? ![Enter image description here](/media/postImages/original/IMjSdPo65yRVSIWQr17sHttg)
asked 2 months ago
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