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What is the relationship between AWS Config retention period and AWS S3 Lifecycle policy?

I found here: " AWS Config delivers three types of configuration files to the S3 bucket: Configuration history (A configuration history is a collection of the configuration items for a given resource over any time period. ) Configuration snapshot OversizedChangeNotification" However, in this docs: It only said that retention period delete the "ConfigurationItems" (A configuration item represents a point-in-time view of the various attributes of a supported AWS resource that exists in your account. ) In this docs: "The components of a configuration item include metadata, attributes, relationships, current configuration, and related events. AWS Config creates a configuration item whenever it detects a change to a resource type that it is recording. " I wonder that: Is ConfigurationItems a subset of Configuration history? Is the things that saved to S3 equal to ConfigurationItems? If not, where is ConfigurationItems stored? And if things stored in S3, is ConfigurationItems deleted or become damaged? I am setting AWS S3 lifcycle is expire objects in 300 days and AWS Config retention period is 7 years. Therefore, I am wondering what is the relationship between those 2? Because S3 lifecycle period is 300 days, will AWS Config data is deleted in 300 days? Thank you so much!
asked 6 months ago