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Failed to pull and unpack image with status code [manifests v1.1]: 401 Unauthorized

Hi, I created an ec2 instance and installed microk8s. Now, I am trying to pull the image from ecr. I have attached IAM role to the ec2 instance with AmazonEC2ContainerRegistryReadOnly policy attached. I have also downloaded and configure iam-authenticator but still I am getting the following events ``` Normal Scheduled 32s default-scheduler Successfully assigned k8ssandra-operator/soap-deployment-5785fdcbb6-psvml to ip-192-168-81-119 Normal Pulling 18s (x2 over 32s) kubelet Pulling image "" Warning Failed 18s (x2 over 31s) kubelet Failed to pull image "": rpc error: code = Unknown desc = failed to pull and unpack image "": failed to resolve reference "": pulling from host failed with status code [manifests v1.1]: 401 Unauthorized Warning Failed 18s (x2 over 31s) kubelet Error: ErrImagePull Warning MissingClusterDNS 5s (x6 over 32s) kubelet pod: "soap-deployment-5785fdcbb6-psvml_k8ssandra-operator(5f1750ed-8316-48c0-869f-9fa4b0870d22)". kubelet does not have ClusterDNS IP configured and cannot create Pod using "ClusterFirst" policy. Falling back to "Default" policy. Normal BackOff 5s (x3 over 31s) kubelet Back-off pulling image "" Warning Failed 5s (x3 over 31s) kubelet Error: ImagePullBackOff ``` my .kube/config is as following ``` apiVersion: v1 clusters: - cluster: server: certificate-authority-data: my-ca name: kubernetes contexts: - context: cluster: kubernetes user: aws name: aws current-context: aws kind: Config preferences: {} users: - name: aws user: exec: apiVersion: command: /home/ubuntu/aws-iam-authenticator args: - "token" - "-i" - "aws-cluster-123456" - "-r" - "<role-arn>" ```
asked a month ago