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How do I transfer my AWS account to another person or business?

I am selling my site and need to transfer the AWS account to the buyer's business (the buyers do not use AWS for their other sites - but they want my site to continue with AWS). I cannot figure out how to do it. Do I need to pay for support and what level? This is Amazon's advice on transfering ownership of a site: "To assign ownership of an AWS account and its resources to another party or business, contact AWS Support for help: Sign in to the AWS Management Console as the root user. Open the AWS Support Center. Choose Create case. Enter the details of your case: Choose Account and billing support. For Type, choose Account. For Category, choose Ownership Transfer. For all other fields, enter the details for your case. For Preferred contact language, choose your preferred language. For Contact methods, choose your preferred contact method. Choose Submit. AWS Support will contact you with next steps and help you transfer your account ownership." I have done all this but have not yet been contacted (24 hours). The text seems to suggest that advice on transfering ownership is a necessary aspect of transfering an AWS root account to a company, and that such advice is provided free by Amazon, since nothing is said about pricing. If on the other hand AWS clients must pay for a support package to transfer ownership, which package? The $29 Developer package or the $100 Business package or some other package? How quickly does Amazon AWS respond? How quick is the transfer process? I am finding this very frustrating.
asked 7 months ago