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DMS - Ongoing replication causing duplicate records due to redshift cluster maintenance

Hi, I'm facing an issue with DMS ongoing replication causing a small number of duplicate records due to the target redshift cluster going down for maintenance every week. One of the error messages in the cloudwatch logs is `Failed to start rollback apply transaction`, so it looks like DMS fails to undo a batch, and with `RecoverableErrorCount` set to -1, the process ends up retrying the ongoing replication from the batch it already ran, resulting in the duplicates. Is there a way via the DMS settings to handle this rollback failure issue caused by the cluster maintenance? Or maybe a way to work around the cluster going down for maintenance? Thanks! Below are my settings: Source: Mysql Target: Redshift `{ "ErrorBehavior": { "FailOnNoTablesCaptured": true, "ApplyErrorUpdatePolicy": "SUSPEND_TABLE", "FailOnTransactionConsistencyBreached": true, "RecoverableErrorThrottlingMax": 1800, "DataErrorEscalationPolicy": "SUSPEND_TABLE", "ApplyErrorEscalationCount": 5, "RecoverableErrorStopRetryAfterThrottlingMax": true, "RecoverableErrorThrottling": true, "ApplyErrorFailOnTruncationDdl": false, "DataTruncationErrorPolicy": "SUSPEND_TABLE", "ApplyErrorInsertPolicy": "SUSPEND_TABLE", "EventErrorPolicy": "IGNORE", "ApplyErrorEscalationPolicy": "SUSPEND_TABLE", "RecoverableErrorCount": -1, "DataErrorEscalationCount": 5, "TableErrorEscalationPolicy": "SUSPEND_TABLE", "RecoverableErrorInterval": 5, "ApplyErrorDeletePolicy": "SUSPEND_TABLE", "TableErrorEscalationCount": 5, "FullLoadIgnoreConflicts": true, "DataErrorPolicy": "SUSPEND_TABLE", "TableErrorPolicy": "SUSPEND_TABLE" }, "TTSettings": { "TTS3Settings": null, "TTRecordSettings": null, "EnableTT": false }, "FullLoadSettings": { "CommitRate": 10000, "StopTaskCachedChangesApplied": false, "StopTaskCachedChangesNotApplied": false, "MaxFullLoadSubTasks": 8, "TransactionConsistencyTimeout": 1200, "CreatePkAfterFullLoad": false, "TargetTablePrepMode": "DROP_AND_CREATE" }, "TargetMetadata": { "ParallelApplyBufferSize": 10000, "ParallelApplyQueuesPerThread": 0, "ParallelApplyThreads": 32, "TargetSchema": "", "InlineLobMaxSize": 0, "ParallelLoadQueuesPerThread": 0, "SupportLobs": true, "LobChunkSize": 0, "TaskRecoveryTableEnabled": true, "ParallelLoadThreads": 32, "LobMaxSize": 63, "BatchApplyEnabled": true, "FullLobMode": false, "LimitedSizeLobMode": true, "LoadMaxFileSize": 0, "ParallelLoadBufferSize": 1000 }, "BeforeImageSettings": null, "ControlTablesSettings": { "historyTimeslotInMinutes": 5, "HistoryTimeslotInMinutes": 5, "StatusTableEnabled": true, "SuspendedTablesTableEnabled": true, "HistoryTableEnabled": true, "ControlSchema": "dms_control", "FullLoadExceptionTableEnabled": true }, "LoopbackPreventionSettings": null, "CharacterSetSettings": null, "FailTaskWhenCleanTaskResourceFailed": false, "ChangeProcessingTuning": { "StatementCacheSize": 50, "CommitTimeout": 1, "BatchApplyPreserveTransaction": true, "BatchApplyTimeoutMin": 1, "BatchSplitSize": 0, "BatchApplyTimeoutMax": 30, "MinTransactionSize": 1000, "MemoryKeepTime": 60, "BatchApplyMemoryLimit": 500, "MemoryLimitTotal": 1024 }, "ChangeProcessingDdlHandlingPolicy": { "HandleSourceTableDropped": true, "HandleSourceTableTruncated": true, "HandleSourceTableAltered": true }, "PostProcessingRules": null }`
asked 13 days ago
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