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GameSparks().DynamoDB().QueryIndex example please

Can someone provide a working example of using QueryIndex in GameSparks cloud code for handler in an Event. I'm attempting to return a list of players in a lobby querying my table named BattleRoyalePlayerLobbyTable, with lobbyId, playerId as complex key, and index named lobbyId-index with primary key as lobbyId, using message.lobbyId passed in the request message. ``` try { const tableName = "BattleRoyalePlayerLobbyTable"; const indexName = 'lobbyId-index'; const keyConditionExpression = "lobbyId = :lobbyid"; const expressionAttributeNames = null; const expressionAttributeValues = { ":lobbyid": {"S": message.lobbyId} }; const exclusiveStartKey = null; let queryResult = GameSparks().DynamoDB().QueryIndex( tableName, indexName, keyConditionExpression, expressionAttributeNames, expressionAttributeValues, exclusiveStartKey); GameSparks().Logging().Info(queryResult.ToString()); return GameSparks().Messaging.Response({ "players": queryResult.Items }); } catch (ex) { return GameSparks().Messaging().Response({ "players": [], "error": ex.message }); } ``` ``` Response received Id: 56f05f7b-65ed-43b7-a8e4-8390dc9faf0e Type: Custom.Game.GetPlayersInLobby Category: Response ResponseTo: 92f4562c-cf9e-4f7a-ac13-444e31b1c93b {"players":[],"error":"javaException.getCustomerFacingExceptionDetails is not a function"} Request sent Id: 92f4562c-cf9e-4f7a-ac13-444e31b1c93b Type: Custom.Game.GetPlayersInLobby Category: Request {"lobbyId":"fb3578b6797848448d5facca5555d12c"} ``` Thank you
asked 5 months ago
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