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Building the AWS C++ SDK with CUSTOM_MEMORY_MANAGEMENT on fails unit tests

I am trying to build the AWS C++ SDK to use with the Unreal game engine. I have been using it for a while, however after recently updating my Unreal plugin with the latest SDK components, I ran into issues (crashes) because Unreal has its own custom memory management which does not seem compatible with the AWS SDK's. To resolve this I have tried to override AWS's memory manager with one compatible with Unreal, by implementing `Aws::Utils::Memory::MemorySystemInterface` and calling `Aws::Utils::Memory::InitializeAWSMemorySystem(AWSMemoryManager);` This, however, doesn't work unless the SDK has been built with the `CUSTOM_MEMORY_MANAGEMENT` flag. So, I went back to the SDK and tried to build it with custom memory management on with the following commands: ``` cmake.exe "../aws-sdk-cpp" -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release -DBUILD_ONLY="core;firehose;cognito-identity" -DCUSTOM_MEMORY_MANAGEMENT=1 -DCPP_STANDARD=17 -DENABLE_UNITY_BUILD=1 MSBuild.exe ALL_BUILD.vcxproj -p:Configuration=Release ``` However, this seems to result in aws-core failing its unit tests. I get the following errors: ``` ...\AWS\sdk\aws-sdk-cpp\aws-cpp-sdk-core-tests\RunTests.cpp(40): error : Expected equality of these values: [...\AWS\sdk\membuild\aws-cpp-sdk-core-tests\aws-cpp-sdk-core-tests.vcxproj] memorySystem.GetCurrentOutstandingAllocations() Which is: 37 0ULL Which is: 0 ...\AWS\sdk\aws-sdk-cpp\aws-cpp-sdk-core-tests\RunTests.cpp(40): error : Expected equality of these values: [...\AWS\sdk\membuild\aws-cpp-sdk-core-tests\aws-cpp-sdk-core-tests.vcxproj] memorySystem.GetCurrentBytesAllocated() Which is: 3472 0ULL Which is: 0 ...\AWS\sdk\aws-sdk-cpp\aws-cpp-sdk-core-tests\RunTests.cpp(40): error : Value of: memorySystem.IsClean() [...\AWS\sdk\membuild\aws-cpp-sdk-core-tests\aws-cpp-sdk-core-tests.vcxproj] Actual: false Expected: true ``` Does anyone have any clue why these unit tests are failing and how I can go about resolving it?
asked 3 months ago