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Cloudwatch random messages

Hi, I'm a student in Germany, I actually work for Amazon in the warehouse here, its a great job and I'm enjoying it. The culture is nice, a balance of women and not a lot of testosterone, its good for fitness and health too and pays relative to other companies for students good wages. In one project I built a smart plug system using the IoT core and MQTT systems, (C++, CLI and Boto) linked them through to a DynamoDB and the project achieved a 1,0 which is the highest possible. On another project I'm using an Ultra Wideband (UWB) system (Decawave) and local MQTT bridged the system though to DynamoDB via AWS MQTT to make the x,y coordinates available to Pepper Robot. The robot requires Android Studio and so I used / am using AWS Amplify to get the info over to it to use (Java). I intend to expand the UWB system to build it up into a cyber physical system in a future project, the users will get hold of the UWB tokens, the building or the anchors will gather user data and then it will adjust the robot dialogue with them dependent upon where they go in that building over time. I also have a thesis project that will probably use AWS S3 to host images gathered from a camera system. So the systems are working for me and I am grateful to gain the experience too because I believe in them, and it will help with a job in future too. Its a great overall package and vision the developers and leaders have. The problem I have though is that I am well within the free tier of all the products, and I won't be going over them because I know how to manage the reads and writes but I keep on getting bills for CloudWatch for example for Pepper I set up a DynamoDB and nothing wrote to it. There were three user tables. User1Table, User2Table and User3Table. All I did was create them, then added dummy data by copy and pasting in a JSON with the name of the mock person who the robot will say their name as in Dialogue, it was part of a tutorial I am creating for the university. It led to more than 50 messages in CloudWatch. Can anyone help with a way to manage this problem? It might just be a need to learn about CloudWatch more but I'm so focussed on the other areas and it doesn't seem like an important one to divert time onto given the such heavy schedule we have. I don't want to say it needs an off switch because I might not understand what I am saying but it feels like it does because of the financial effect it is having on me. Thanks for your help! rePost-User-7069387
asked 2 months ago