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Cognito does not call CreateAuthChallenge trigger

I'd like to configure custom authentication flow with AWS Cognito so I used [this]( and [this]( instructions to do this. Previously, I configured password authentication with a possibility to specify a user email or phone number as a username with sending confirmation codes via custom sender triggers and it worked fine. But then after adding custom authentication triggers I realized, that there is no `CreateAuthChallenge` call - only `DefineAuthChallenge`. So what I have now: 1. I call `InitiateAuth` with the following body: ``` { "AuthFlow": "CUSTOM_AUTH", "ClientId": "{{client_id}}", "AuthParameters": { "USERNAME": "{{username}}", "SECRET_HASH": "{{secret_hash}}" } } ``` 2. The response of this call is: ``` { "ChallengeName": "MY_AUTH", "ChallengeParameters": { "USERNAME": "59edb46e-...-8f74a7084057" }, "Session": "AYABeC...jA_TyA" } ``` 3. At the same time in the logs I see only one lambda call with the following event as an argument: ``` { "version": "1", "region": "me-south-1", "userPoolId": "me-south-1_...", "userName": "59edb46e-...-8f74a7084057", "callerContext": { "awsSdkVersion": "aws-sdk-unknown-unknown", "clientId": "44v...bp" }, "triggerSource": "DefineAuthChallenge_Authentication", "request": { "userAttributes": { "sub": "59edb46e-...-8f74a7084057", "cognito:email_alias": "", "cognito:user_status": "CONFIRMED", "email_verified": "true", "email": "" }, "session": [], "userNotFound": false }, "response": { "challengeName": null, "issueTokens": null, "failAuthentication": null } } ``` According to the [docs]( right after this event I should see the event for `CreateAuthChallenge` trigger but I see nothing. The trigger that is called for those events has the following code: ``` import json import requests def handler(event, context): print('### EVENT ###') print(json.dumps(event)) source = event.get("triggerSource", "unknown") sessions = event.get("request", {}).get("session", []) if source == "DefineAuthChallenge_Authentication": event["response"]["issueTokens"] = False event["response"]["failAuthentication"] = True if len(sessions) == 0: event["response"]["issueTokens"] = False event["response"]["challengeName"] = "MY_AUTH" event["response"]["failAuthentication"] = False print(json.dumps(event)) return event if len(sessions) == 1 and sessions[0].get("challengeName", "") == "CUSTOM_CHALLENGE" and sessions[0].get("challengeResult", False) and sessions[0].get("challengeMetadata", "") == "MY_AUTH": event["response"]["issueTokens"] = True event["response"]["failAuthentication"] = False print(json.dumps(event)) return event print("unexpected sessions sequence: ", sessions) return event if source == "VerifyAuthChallengeResponse_Authentication": event["response"]["answerCorrect"] = False return event print("unexpected triggerSource: ", source) return event ``` Please advise what I can do to make Cognito calling `CreateAuthChallenge` trigger to pass public and private data according to the docs. Thanks!
asked a month ago