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create-export-task | Filter CloudWatch logs using JMESpath

My objective is to create a mechanism for exporting CloudWatch logs to S3 on a case-by-case basis. Given my logs appear in the following format: ``` { "level": "error", "message": "Oops", "errorCode": "MY_ERROR_CODE_1" } { "level": "info", "message": "All good" } { "level": "info", "message": "Something else" } ``` I'd like the export to **only** include the error logs. Using [create-export-task](, is it possible to use the `query` param to filter the response data given the above log structure? I'm not sure whether the log structure is incorrect for this use or if I have misunderstood the purpose of the query param. My JMESPath attempts so far have been unsuccessful. Some attempts include: ``` aws logs create-export-task \ --log-group-name myGroup \ --log-stream-name-prefix myGroup-test \ --from 1664537580000 \ --to 1664537640000 \ --destination myGroup-archive-ab1 \ --destination-prefix test \ --query '{Message: message, Error: errorCode}' ``` and same command, but with the following query `--query '{Message: .message, Error: .errorCode}'` which produces the following error: *Bad value for --query {Message: .message, Error: .errorCode}: invalid token: Parse error at column 10, token "." (DOT), for expression: "{Message: .message, Error: .errorCode}"*
asked 2 months ago