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No Internet access after migration of Workspace from Server 2016 to 2019

We migrated a Workspace from "Server 2016 based" to "Server 2019 based", the migration completed "successfully" and we can access the Workspace with the AWS client and also RDP -- and we can access the vpc resources including Intranet web sites but we have no Internet access from the client. (trying to access with Chrome or IE results in "Can’t reach this page"). * We had Internet access on this Workspace before the migration * The other Workspaces on the same subnet (they are still "Server 2016 based" ) have Internet access * We compared the networks settings with the other machines on that subnet (including ipconfig, routing table, firewall rules, etc...), no difference * The only visible change in network settings from the migration is the new IP address (but it is within the subnet range, that should no have any impact, the VPC is set correctly) * DNS is working, but it seems the tcp connections are blocked * running traceroute on a public IP or domain name (ie again) show it goes nowhere (not a single hop) -- a normal traceroute would show a machine on the first hop... According to the network troubleshooter: > Problems found > Your computer appears to be correctly configured, but the device or resource ( is not responding It looks like the AWS router is rejecting the connections! Did that happen to anyone? Can you please let me know how you fixed it?
asked 3 months ago