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Trying to copy a postgres instance from a local postgres server to an RDS instance via DMS

`Greetings, thanks for looking at my question.` I've followed [this AWS documentation]( and set up a VPC, created a replication instance on DMS and set up the database server (it's on an EC2 instance currently, but ultimately we will be using a local server running postgres and the production database from our rack as the source) as the source endpoint and the RDS instance as the target endpoint. I'm trying to set up streaming replication, however, so the information on logical replication and CDC isn't relevant to my setup. ***The goal is to have our production database instance backed up and replicating to an RDS instance, down the road we hope to spin up EC2s and connect them to this RDS instance to scale up as needed. For now though we are just trying to get it set up for proof of concept.*** So I've done everything advised in the docs, but need to copy the database to the RDS instance and start the replication. I created a Database Migration Task in DMS (Full load, ongoing replication), but it fails and doesn't copy over the database or tables. This is the error message on the AWS DMS dashboard for the Migration Task: ``` Last Error Task 'FB24Y2N4*****************************HLB4R3Q' was suspended after 9 successive recovery failures Stop Reason FATAL_ERROR Error Level FATAL ``` Grateful for any advice from anyone who has successfuly set up a similar architecture. Thanks. *** *Edit to clarify: The problem isn't the error per se, it's that I need to find out why the DMS migration task that I created isn't initially copying the instance from my EC2 Postgres source to my AWS RDS instance endpoint and then beginning and maintaining replication. How do I get my database that I'm trying to replicate on RDS copied over?*
asked 3 months ago