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Quicksight Athena - analysis error: "HIVE_UNSUPPORTED_FORMAT: Unable to create input format"

Hello. I'm trying to create an analysis from my DocumentDB instance. I'm using the aws services Glue, Athena and Quicksight. In Glue I have created a connection to the DocumentDB and a crawler for auto creating tables. This works as expected and tables are created and displayed in glue. Even though I specify that the crawler should not give the tables any prefixes, it does add the database name as a prefix. When I look at the Glue catalog in Athena (the default AwsDataCatalog) I do see the database that was created in glue, however it does not show any tables. If I click on edit, it takes me to the correct database in glue which displays the tables that have been created by the previously mentioned crawler. So my first question is **Why doesn't the tables show up in Athena?** This is blocking me from performing queries in Athena. When I go to QuickSight and select the default Athena glue catalog ("AwsDataCatalog") I DO get the tables created by the crawler, and I can create datasets. However, when I try to create an analysis using these datasets, I get the error: ``` sourceErrorCode: 100071 sourceErrorMessage: [Simba][AthenaJDBC](100071) An error has been thrown from the AWS Athena client. HIVE_UNSUPPORTED_FORMAT: Unable to create input format ``` I have looked a bit around and some people said that this error is due to the table properties **"Input format"** and **"Output format"** being empty (which they indeed are for me). I have tried entering almost all the different formats to the table, but I keep on getting the Quicksight error above only now it has the input format at the end ``` HIVE_UNSUPPORTED_FORMAT: Unable to create input format json ``` **So my second questions is** I do not see anywhere in the crawler where I can specify input or output format. Does it have to be done manually? And What are the correct input and output formats for my setup?
asked 4 months ago