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AWS Backup DynamoDB billing

Hi everyone! I'd like to understand better the billing composition regardless of AWS Backup on DynamoDB resources since I got an unexpected increase in my billing. I'm aware of AWS Backup billing itself thanks to the [documentation](, anyway, when I access the Billing service I can notice an exponential billing pricing in DynamoDB service, on the section `Amazon DynamoDB USE1-TimedBackupStorage-ByteHrs` the description allows me to see that I'll be paying $0.10 per GB-month of storage used for on-demand backup, showing me that I've used 14,247.295 GB-Month (This makes sense with the billing I got) but where my doubt comes from is, **where does all those GB come from?** The last snapshot-size just shows 175.5 GB I've configured my backup plan with the following parameters: ``` { "ruleName": "hourly-basis", "scheduleExpression": "cron(0 * ? * * *)", "startWindowMinutes": 60, "completionWindowMinutes": 180, "lifecycle": { "toDeletedAfterDays": 30 } } ``` I'm also copying snapshots into a second region on `us-west-2` As you can see, I'm handling a schedule expression on an hourly basis backup because of compliance requirements. *Is this enough justification for the high billing?* I'm aware that backups with low RPO are commonly expensive but I just want to be sure that this billing is not higher than it should be because of any wrong Backup configuration. Thanks in advance!
asked 7 months ago