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Dash-Outputs with QVBR always exhaust the maximum bit rate allowed

Hi, we are creating HLS- and DASH-Outputs via MediaConvert (1080p, 720p, 480p, 360p). While testing our transcoded playlists on [Bitmovin's test environment](, we noticed that our DASH content is always loaded with the bitrate which we set as the maximum value for QVBR (Single Pass HQ, no fine tuning). In contrary our HLS content is loaded with a variable bitrate which was considered suitable by MediaConverts rate control mode QVBR (so I think). Since our encoding settings for DASH and HLS are identical, we wonder if that behaviour is "correct". If someone could take a look at this issue, it would be much appreciated. In the following you'll find a [Hls-Playlist]( ([Bitmovin-Hls-Link]( and [Dash-Playlist]( ([Bitmovin-Dash-Link]( if required for further investigation. Kind Regards, Riva
asked 8 months ago