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Proper CMAF config for media convert

I am using AWS lambda to create a job for media convert (using python). I was convert an input video in CMAF H265 format, but I am unable to figure out the correct settings for this. The createJob function returns an error : `botocore.errorfactory.BadRequestException: An error occurred (BadRequestException) when calling the CreateJob operation: /outputGroups/0/outputs/0: Should match exactly one schema defined in "oneOf"` The error displayed in log files of lambda has only this information and does not mention the exact fields which are missing the validation. When i compare my config with the sdk code, I am unable to find the possible error. Please help here. Since the error is in outputs, including the corresponding object: ``` { "ContainerSettings": { "Container": "CMFC", "CmfcSettings": { "IFrameOnlyManifest": "EXCLUDE" } }, "VideoDescription": { "Width": 468, "ScalingBehavior": "DEFAULT", "Height": 264, "TimecodeInsertion": "DISABLED", "AntiAlias": "ENABLED", "Sharpness": 50, "CodecSettings": { "Codec": "H_265", "H265Settings": { "InterlaceMode": "PROGRESSIVE", "NumberReferenceFrames": 3, "GopClosedCadence": 1, "GopSize": 90, "Slices": 1, "GopBReference": "DISABLED", "SlowPal": "DISABLED", "SpatialAdaptiveQuantization": "ENABLED", "TemporalAdaptiveQuantization": "ENABLED", "FlickerAdaptiveQuantization": "DISABLED", "FramerateControl": "INITIALIZE_FROM_SOURCE", "RateControlMode": "QVBR", "QvbrSettings": { "QvbrQualityLevel": 7 }, "MaxBitrate": 500000, "CodecProfile": "MAIN_HIGH", "CodecLevel": "LEVEL_3", "Telecine": "NONE", "MinIInterval": 0, "AdaptiveQuantization": "HIGH", "SceneChangeDetect": "ENABLED", "QualityTuningLevel": "SINGLE_PASS_HQ", "FramerateConversionAlgorithm": "DUPLICATE_DROP", "UnregisteredSeiTimecode": "DISABLED", "GopSizeUnits": "FRAMES", "ParControl": "INITIALIZE_FROM_SOURCE", "NumberBFramesBetweenReferenceFrames": 2, "WriteMp4PackagingType":"HEV1" } }, "AfdSignaling": "NONE", "DropFrameTimecode": "ENABLED", "RespondToAfd": "NONE", "ColorMetadata": "INSERT" }, "AudioDescriptions": [ { "AudioTypeControl": "FOLLOW_INPUT", "CodecSettings": { "Codec": "AAC", "AacSettings": { "AudioDescriptionBroadcasterMix": "NORMAL", "Bitrate": 96000, "RateControlMode": "CBR", "CodecProfile": "LC", "CodingMode": "CODING_MODE_2_0", "RawFormat": "NONE", "SampleRate": 48000, "Specification": "MPEG4" } }, "LanguageCodeControl": "FOLLOW_INPUT" } ], "NameModifier": "_468" } ```
asked 7 days ago