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How to configure record set for a custom domain name for a multi region api gateway?

I have created a hosted zone (resource type AWS::Route53::HostedZone) in aws with a custom domain name (example - ``` customDomain: Type: AWS::Route53::HostedZone Properties: Name: '' ``` now i'm creating an api to be deployed to two regions, by deploying stack below to two regions. when i deploy stack below in one region everything works fine , but when i deploy the same stack in a second region , i get the error message, create failed for Mycustomdomainconfig => "The domain name you provided already exists. (service: ApiGateway, ...Status Code 400... i'm trying to use same custom domain name for both api gateway endpoints deployed in two regions. can anyone see what i'm doing wrong here? ``` Resources: MyCertificate: Type: "AWS::CertificateManager::Certificate" Properties: DomainName: ValidationMethod: DNS DomainValidationOptions: - DomainName: '' HostedZoneId: 'afnqrejxyi' Myrecord: Type: AWS::Route53::RecordSet Properties: Region: !Ref aws_region SetIdentifier: !Sub "endpoint-${aws_region}" HostedZoneId: 'afnqrejxyi' Name: '' Type: A AliasTarget: DNSname: !GetAtt Mycustomdomainconfig.RegionalDomainName HostedZoneId: !GetAtt Mycustomdomainconfig.RegionalHostedZoneId Mycustomdomainconfig: Type: AWS::ApiGateway::DomainName Properties: RegionalCertificationArn: !Ref MyCertificate DomainName: '' ... MyApiMapping: Type: AWS::ApiGateway::BasePathMapping Properties: DomainName: !Ref Mycustomdomainconfig RestApiId: !Ref MyApi ... MyApi: Type: AWS::Serverless::Api Properties: .... ```
asked 2 months ago