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Limitations of dynamoDB & GraphQL

**1.** Paginating a query: When I'm using ```ModelQuery.list(Todo.class,Todo.DESCRIPTION.contains("hi"), ModelPagination.limit(10)``` it is returning less than 10 items. It seems like it is returning ```Todo``` those ```DESCRIPTION``` contains ```hi``` from first 10 itmes in DynamoDB Todo table(It is filtering the itmes form the 10 itmes). If there is no items with ```DESCRIPTION``` contains ```hi``` in first 10 items of table it will return null. **My table have 25 items with description=hi** **My expectation:** It should return exactly 10 items which should have ```description=hi``` whether it is in the first 10 items of table or not. **2.** Getting the highest like comments & total comment count: For example we can take a YouTube video. When we open YouTube video comment section it will show us the comments with highest likes. We can't do that with graphQL and DynamoDB with **an easy way**. We have to do lot more to get highest liked comments. **There is no way to count the comments:** Look at the schema below: ``` type Post @model { id: ID! title: String! comments: [Comment] @hasMany } type Comment @model { id: ID! content: String! post: Post @belongsTo } ``` We can't count the total number of comments on the post. **Lets say we have to make a query for get post : we can directly retrieve the comments with post as we have created a relationship. Look at my YouTube video example like that how can we retrieve the comments with highest likes. **DynamoDB query max size is 1mb lets say a post has 1 million comments if we will query get post with 1 million comments, the response data may reach 1mb and the latency of response also become very high. For that pagination is provided I know, then after getting the nextToken we have to make a separate comment query for that post. **3.** NextToken issue: If I'm querying items with pagination( limit=10) it is returning a next token. For the next query we can use next token to get next 10 items. If I I'm creating a new items in the table . It is creating in between the items that are present before next Token. I have descrribed it here in a better way:
asked 3 months ago