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FTP Transfer Family, FTPS, TLS resume failed

We have: - an AWS transfer family server with FTPS protocol - a custom hostname and a valid ACM certificate which is attached to the FTP server - a Lambda for the Identity provider The client is using: - EXPLICIT AUTH TLS - our custom hostname - port 21 The problem is: the client can connect, the authentication is successfully (see below for the auth test result), but during the communication with the FTP server a TLS_RESUME_FAILURE occurs. The error in the customer client is "522 Data connection must use cached TLS session", and the error in the CloudWatch LogGroup of the transfer server is just "TLS_RESUME_FAILURE" I have no clue why this is happen. Any ideas? Here is the auth test result ``` { "Response": "{\"HomeDirectoryDetails\":\"[{\\\"Entry\\\":\\\"/\\\",\\\"Target\\\":\\\"/xxx/new\\\"}]\",\"HomeDirectoryType\":\"LOGICAL\",\"Role\":\"arn:aws:iam::123456789:role/ftp-s3-access-role\",\"Policy\":\"{\"Version\": \"2012-10-17\", \"Statement\": [{\"Sid\": \"AllowListAccessToBucket\", \"Action\": [\"s3:ListBucket\"], \"Effect\": \"Allow\", \"Resource\": [\"arn:aws:s3:::xxx-prod\"]}, {\"Sid\": \"TransferDataBucketAccess\", \"Effect\": \"Allow\", \"Action\": [\"s3:PutObject\", \"s3:GetObject\", \"s3:GetObjectVersion\", \"s3:GetObjectACL\", \"s3:PutObjectACL\"], \"Resource\": [\"arn:aws:s3:::xxx-prod/xxx/new\", \"arn:aws:s3:::xxx-prod/xxx/new/*\"]}]}\",\"UserName\":\"test\",\"IdentityProviderType\":\"AWS_LAMBDA\"}", "StatusCode": 200, "Message": "" } ```
asked 3 months ago
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