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Network Firewall shows "aws:alert_strict action" when it set with Strict Order stateful engine option.

Hello, I'm using AWS Network Firewall. Firstly, I tried to use AWS Managed Rules and Allow Domain List custom rule with default action order. From my understanding, the default action order is Pass -> Drop -> Alert. Then, I tried to test download files from allowed domain list it always pass because the domain is allowed. The **ThreatSignaturesMalwareCoinmining** will not perform any actions. Am I correct? So, I'm trying to change from default action order to strict order. The default actions are drop:all and alert:all. I expected that the network firewall will process my rule groups by priority and rules in each rule group by order. I copied Suricata context from AWS Managed Rule and created new rule group as shown in pictures. ![Enter image description here](/media/postImages/original/IMT6cNSaDhTbGF4Ym0R7I1sQ) ![Enter image description here](/media/postImages/original/IMQKpehfhvQdCQLbXZVvTS4g) My example allowed domain are AWS domains. pass http $HOME_NET any -> $EXTERNAL_NET 80 (; dotprefix; content:""; endswith; msg:"Allow HTTP traffic to"; flow:to_server, established; sid:1000101; rev:1;) pass tls $HOME_NET any -> $EXTERNAL_NET 443 (tls.sni; dotprefix; content:""; endswith; msg:"Allow TLS traffic to"; flow:to_server, established; sid:1000102; rev:1;) Then, I added these rules into my firewall policy and I found that it stills block the traffic to ``` { "firewall_name": "inspector", "availability_zone": "ap-southeast-1a", "event_timestamp": "1663828976", "event": { "timestamp": "2022-09-22T06:42:56.727635+0000", "flow_id": 1066945104298575, "event_type": "alert", "src_ip": "10.x.x.x", "src_port": 23602, "dest_ip": "", "dest_port": 443, "proto": "TCP", "alert": { "action": "blocked", "signature_id": 2, "rev": 0, "signature": "aws:alert_strict action", "category": "", "severity": 3 } } } ``` I checked is own by AWS, Why the network firewall always block the requests to AWS domain?
asked 4 days ago

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