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SES: DKIM configuration successful, but Identity status still "pending"

Hi, I have added a domain into AWS SES a while ago, and I've entered the three CNAME records into our domain registry as requested by AWS. I have then received the email with the subject "DKIM setup SUCCESS for <domain>", and the domain was shown as verified in AWS SES. Now, the domain is shown in status "pending" again, even though the CNAME records still exist. I've looked up the three CNAME records again and again, I've checked that no typo was made and not a single character was missing, everything seems to be configured correctly. But AWS SES still shows the domain in status "pending". I've been using the `host` command to verify that the CNAME record exists. For example, in the AWS console, it says that `` should point to ``. So I ran the command: ``` host ``` and the output is: ` is an alias for` What could be the reason that it's still not working? Is there anything else I can do to troubleshoot this further? I'm not sure if these two events are related, but I remember that I've tried to add an additional verified domain, which was a subdomain of the already existing verified domain. I've received an error message (I don't recall which one, unfortunately). I could be wrong, but I think that the issue with the status "pending" appeared shortly after this failed attempt to add an additional verified domain. I am not using AWS Route 53 for the domain, in case that matters. Thanks for any advice.
asked 4 days ago

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