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MQTT Connection keeps getting disconnected/closed while publishing or subscribing to topics using LTE Modem

- I'm using Quectel modem BG95 with a host MCU to connect to AWS IoT core and publish to topics and subscribe to topics as well. - I used to get an error occasionally that closed the MQTT connection exactly while doing pub/sub operations and connection had to be re-established , but that was very rare. - However, since the last few days I have been running tests on multiple devices (using same IoT core endpoint) and have been getting this MQTT dis-connection on each pub or sub operation. I am attaching a log for review. - To me it seems a server side issue since I have tried it with multiple modems and previous versions of firmware. ``` [While publishing to topic] ;2022-05-08T02:29:41Z;28;-966233403;462863960;;RAK000121|-45,RAKTEST|-56 AT+QIDEACT=1 OK[ 2022-05-08T02:29:41Z ] [FARM_IP][INFO] MDM_SET_DEACTIVATE_PDP-else AT+QIACT=1 OK AT+QMTOPEN=0,"",8883 OK +QMTOPEN: 0,0 --- [Opening MQTT Connection] [ 2022-05-08T02:29:41Z ] [FARM_IP][INFO] Mqtt opened AT+QMTCONN=0,"0123qwer786" OK +QMTCONN: 0,0,0 --- [MQTT client connected] AT+QMTPUB=0,1,1,0,"fm/1011",72 --- [Publishing to the MQTT Topic] > ;2022-05-08T02:29:41Z;28;-966233403;462863960;;RAK000121|-45,RAKTEST|-56 OK +QMTSTAT: 0,1 --- [MQTT Connection Closed] ``` ``` [While Subscribing to topic] AT+QMTSUB=0,1,"imei/get_logs",0 --- [Subscribing to the MQTT Topic] OK +QMTSTAT: 0,1 --- [MQTT Connection Closed] [ ] [FARM_IP][INFO] Starting timer AT+QMTSUB=0,1,"imei/get_logs",0 --- [Subscribing to the MQTT Topic] OK +QMTSTAT: 0,1 --- [MQTT Connection Closed] ```
asked 21 days ago

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