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AWs trigger EventBatchingCondition/BatchWindow is not optional

Hi team, I have a glue workflow : trigger (type = "EVENT") => trigger a glue job (to take data from S3 and push them to MySQL RDS) I configured the glue Triggering criteria to kickoff the glue job after 5 events were received. in the console it says : > Specify the number of events received or maximum elapsed time before firing this trigger. > Time delay in seconds (optional) on AWS documentation it says also it's not required : ``` BatchWindow Window of time in seconds after which EventBridge event trigger fires. Window starts when first event is received. Type: Integer Valid Range: Minimum value of 1. Maximum value of 900. Required: No ``` So I want only my trigger to be triggered only and only after 5 events are received and not depending on: Time delay in seconds (optional). actually, the Time delay in seconds (optional) is set to 900 by default and my job is started after 900s even if there are no 5 events received. that's not the behaviour we want. We want ONLY the job to be started after x events are received. I tried via the console to edit the trigger and remove the 900s for the Time delay in seconds (optional) input but I can't save it until I put a value on it. it says it's optional but it doesn't seem to be. is there a workaround to make the trigger not take account of Time delay in seconds (optional)? and only be launched when it received x events and nothing else. right now the behaviour I have is that my job is triggered after 900s, we want to eliminate this case and let the job be triggered only and only if there is x event received and nothing else. how can I make the Time delay in seconds (optional) input optional, because now the console forces me to put a value in there? thank you.
asked 20 days ago

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