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Querying an index with Android Amplify GraphQL

I'm trying to perform a GraphQL query against an index using Amplify and the Android SDK. I have a query that works when tested via the AppSync dashboard. It returns the one record I can see in DynamoDB that it should match against. **membersEmailByInviteCode** is an index defined in the Schema. ``` query get { membersEmailByInviteCode(email: "" inviteCode: { eq: "CustomCode"} ) { items { id } } } ``` When I enable CloudWatch Logs and run the query from within the code I can see the following being sent, but I get an empty object back, which I'm guessing means that it hasn't been able to find anything. ``` query get($email: String!, $code: String!) { membersEmailByInviteCode(email: $email inviteCode: { eq: $code} ) { items { id } } }, Operation: null, Variables: { "email": "", "code": "CustomCode" } ``` Operation is **null**, where it is **get** if I run the query via the console. I can't see a way of settings this. The Android side of things look like this ``` private fun getEmailCodeRequest(email: String, code: String): GraphQLRequest<ClubMember> { val document = ( "query get(\$email: String!, \$code: String!) { " + "membersEmailByInviteCode(email: \$email inviteCode: { eq: \$code} ) { " + "items { " + "id " + "} " + "} " + "}") return SimpleGraphQLRequest( document, mapOf("email" to email, "code" to code),, GsonVariablesSerializer()) } ``` and ``` Amplify.API.query(getEmailCodeRequest(email.text.toString(), code.text.toString()), ``` I have been able to create a record using GraphQL, and I'm using auth and Rest API, so my app is working OK with the Android SDK. It just I can't get this to work. Anyone got any ideas? Thanks
asked 2 days ago