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Queue priorities with Spot fleets

Hi. According to documentation: >* When configuring priorities for a queue with Spot fleets, place cost near the top of the list. This will ensure that locations on Spot fleets will always take precedence over locations on On-Demand fleets, when available. Also: > Prioritize the fleets in your queue. Fleet prioritization determines where the queue looks first when searching for available resources to host a new game session. You might choose to prioritize by Region, instance types, fleet type, and so on. When working with Spot fleets, we recommend either of the following approaches: > * If your infrastructure uses a primary Region with fleets in a second Region for back-up only, you want to prioritize fleets first by region, and then by fleet type. With this approach, all fleets in the primary Region are placed at the top of the list, with Spot fleets followed by On-Demand fleets. > * If your infrastructure uses multiple Regions equally, you want to prioritize fleets by fleet type, placing Spot fleets at the top of the list. I have a setup with 10 fleets (5 per region): 1 x On-Demand - c5.xlarge 4 x Spot - c5.xlarge, c5.2xlarge, r5.xlarge, m5.xlarge I've placed the On-Demand fleets last in the Queue and still the players are routed to those two On-Demand fleets instead of Spot ones. We are making the placements based on reported player latency. What am I missing? What is the explanation for this behavior? Thank you.
asked a year ago