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GameLift Sample Code

Does a collection of GameLift service samples exist? I'm developing a Battle Royale game in Unity using the Unity Plugin for GameLift and I have the basics functioning.. starting with CloudFormation template deployment, FlexMatch with game session queue, and automatic backfill. Now I'm starting to build a Lobby system, where a player can create/join/apply to join/invite to join other online clients. This seems like something that should exist in sample code (CloudFormation template, Lambda files, DynamoDB tables, SNS Topic Event Handlers, etc.). Does it? I may have it built and working by the time I get a response here, but here's what I'm thinking. LobbyTable LobbyId PlayerId # lobby owner TicketId # matchmaking ticket id PlayerLobbyTable PlayerId LobbyId Lambda functions to handle setting up a table items when a player: creates a lobby # creates LobbyTable item for PlayerId as owner application/invitation is accepted # creates PlayerLobbyTable item for PlayerId leaves/booted from lobby # deletes PlayerLobbyTable item of leaving PlayerId, picks new lobby owner and assigns if anyone remains in lobby or deletes LobbyTable for LobbyId if no players remain change lobby owner # changes LobbyTable PlayerId to new lobby owner update matchmaking ticket id # when FlexMatch MatchmakingSucceeded event, add IpAddress, Port, DnsName, etc. attributes to LobbyTable item, send message to all players in lobby that the matchmaking succeeded. Thank you.
asked 7 months ago