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Turning off automatic backfill near end of game session (FlexMatch matchmaking)

Hi, I have enabled "automatic backfill" in my matchmaking configuration per the instructions in the docs: "Turn on automatic backfill" section of []( The backfilling itself works well. Calls from my client service to "StartMatchmaking" will, when expected, return a match to an existing game session. The problem I'm trying to solve now is that I don't want players to be backfilled into a game that's almost over. Item #4--"Turn off automatic backfill for a game session"--doesn't seem to work when I try to implement it on my game server: > **4. Turn off automatic backfill for a game session**. You can opt to stop automatic backfill at any point during an individual game session. To stop automatic backfill, add code to your game client or game server to make the GameLift API call StopMatchmaking. This call requires a ticket ID. Use the backfill ticket ID from the latest backfill request. You can get this information from the game session matchmaking data, which is updated as described in the previous step. What confuses me here is that I want to stop backfilling near the end of the game regardless of whether the game session has backfilled any players yet. The line "Use the backfill ticket ID from the latest backfill request" doesn't make sense if no backfill tickets have been received in the game session. Intuitively, it feels like there should just be some API I can call that opts a particular game session out of future backfill requests but I'm not seeing it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
asked 8 months ago