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Hi, recently I created an Amazon OpenSearch Serverless collection from the Bedrock knowledge base console using the "quick create a new vector store" recommended option. Since I do not need to use collections anymore, I deleted every collection in my account.

If I log in the OpenSearchServerless dashboard I see that the OCUs utilization is at 0 for both indexing an search capacity.


Since, I repeat, I have deleted all the collections and the related knowledge base of course, does it mean that I will not be charged anymore for the OCUs?

Unfortunately I haven't got the permissions for the billing console. Thanks, E

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You're right.
OpenSearch Serverless is billed based on the OCUs used.
So, if the collection is also deleted and the OCU is 0, I don't think you will be charged.

By the way, you can allow IAM users to access billing information by following the steps in the document below.

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