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Can we do any restriction on Amazon rekognition API request ? or can we set perticular number of request ?

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It is possible to use AWS Budgets to notify you when your daily budget is exceeded.

However, it is not possible to stop the service using AWS Budgets alone, so I think you will need to create a separate mechanism to stop the service using something like Lambda.

Also, since AWS Rekognition has a fee structure based on the number of images analyzed using the API, I think it is necessary to stop the server that is running the Rekognition API rather than stopping AWS Rekognition itself.

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totally agree with @Riku Kobayashi, you can set up alerts and monitoring to alert you to approaching your cost or budgets limits. you can create and alarm based on the Rekognition request rate, and when it passes a threshold you configure and set, this would trigger an alarm which can trigger a Lambda function to restrict the API calls made to the Rekognition. you can set a rate limit on the API call if it is serving a customer logging into your service, to limit the number of Rekognition API calls to a fixed number, and this works well with subscription based services. This way you can make sure you don't exceed your budget limits per client. Or if you are running the service that is breaching the budget on an EC2 instance, you can set a Lambda function that gets triggered by the SNS service once the budget reaches it limit that you set and this will let you stop the instance. but it will need you to create the lambda function to do this for you.

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  • how can we do his, can you please send the documetation link?

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