What is the right setup for development for a team who works on the same project?


The team comprises of 4 developers who would be working on features parallelly. The resources being used are EventBridge, ECS, Fargate etc... My questions are:

  1. Is there any framework and CLI available to create EventBridge and other resources locally on developers' laptop?
  2. Should the developers use the same EventBridge from the AWS Environment during the development? This can create conflicts between developers if they share some code.
  3. Should the developers create their own environment with EventBridge in their AWS account during development? This can avoid conflicts.
  4. Should the developers use the same AWS environment but create their own resources with different names?
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Some services do have local development options, EventBridge is not one of them. In either case, it is usually recommended to works with the cloud and not locally.

Each developer should create their own environment with their own resources, including EventBridge. This can be done by using an account for developer (the preferred option) or by using a single development account with different names to the different environments.

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  • Isn't a single development account more cost effective?

  • Not really. If you deploy a different environment for each developer, you are still deploying the same number of environments. Further more, by using multiple accounts, you can gain benefits from free tier in each one of them.

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