Lake Formation Data Filter error: Column comparision is currently not supported.


Following example from, I'm trying to to create a new data filter, but receiving error:

 Expression has EQ operator with column comparisons. Column comparision is currently not supported.

Test_table is governed parquet table, user has a full administrative rights. What could be wrong?

Here is a screenshot: Create data filter error

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Ok, this is a self-answer. Apparently, Row Filter Expression failed due to use of double-quoted string , instead of single quoted.

Replacing confidential1="US" with confidential1='US' solved the problem.

Unfortunately, error message is not helpful and have to be replaced with a better explanation of the problem.

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  • It's true that it's not obvious but if you see the description, it says that you are writing a SQL condition. In SQL '' is a string and "" is the way you escape a column name


HI, as you have correctly pointed out, the error is due to in SQL syntax strings in double quotes "" are treated as column names. Use single quotes should resolve this issue. Please feel free to response or open a support ticket if you have any follow up questions. We are happy to help you out!

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