Need to point Email to Amazon SES I have hostinger Hosting & emails


Hey, there, can anyone help me with the pointing email services from Hostinger to Amazon SES, I do have an active acct I am using it but it is not properly POINTED to SES, that's why Hostinger People suspended my email, sending emails for notification, since still as per there pannel emails are sent by them only no amazon SES, they asked me go get some Records updated with Hostinger to Point email properly. Asked to provide MX SPF and DKIM to poin email and use Amazon SES. Can anyone help me to get that how to do that REST I think I can give them to update or will find a way. Thanks in advance

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Hello, do you still need help?

If I understand you right, you need to do the following:

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Just changing the port to 587 (TLS) worked for me.

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