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Customer wishes to have voice contacts in queue for a maximum of 5 mins. Play a message every 60 seconds where the caller is asked "to leave a voicemail press 8 or continue to hold". After 5 mins force to voicemail. "Customer Queue" flows are very picky. I had a complete logical design, however when attempting to publish I get errors of block placement. It appears that Connect wants to keep a call in queue (which is logical). However needing to get out that queue is also needed at times.

  • To those that answered, THANK YOU. I am traveling this week and will not have time for few days to digest and work with what appears to be great info so far. I will definitely be following up.

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I believe the issue you might be facing is trying to play message before a loop prompt block (

So to work around this.

Drop a loop prompt block on and interrupt every 60 seconds, then Play your message and offer a voicemail. Create a loop that after 4 times you force the customer to a non staffed queue and to leave a voicemail.

You can also interrupt after 20s and daisy chain your logic as needed never returning back to the loop prompt block. Do not set below 20s as this can cause odd behaviour due to the agent being allowed 20s to pickup the contact.


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Hello, as @DanBloy mentioned, you may be receiving an error due to the placement of a Loop prompt blocks, or the absence of one, in your Customer queue flow. Ensure the Loop prompts block is the first block after the entry point, and build out your logic from there.

In my experience, the logic you have described can lead to a bad customer experience. It is nice to have escape logic so a customer isn't stuck waiting in queue, but forcing the customer to voicemail after a specific duration after they have repeatedly chosen to remain holding can be optimized. Consider adding logic in your primary Contact flow prior to placing the call into queue to divert the caller to Voicemail. You could include logic to notify the user if the oldest call waiting is over 5 minutes, and then either force the call to voicemail there or give the option to be placed into queue. This type of check can reduce the number of abandoned calls (every call that goes into queue and then gets routed to voicemail will count as abandoned) and empower the caller to immediately choose to leave a voicemail without waiting the initial 60 seconds you set in your loop prompt interrupt.


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Suprisingly enough I just finished writing article for my blog about Amazon Connect where I give example of sending call to Voicemail directly from Customer Queue flow: (more specifically see Step 6)

Hope that helps.

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