Forecast cost is still showing non-zero value under Cost and usage breakdown. I have already cancelled all my services.


Hi. I canceled AWS services some time ago. And, when I look in each category, nothing is selected. However, I still see there is a forecasted cost for June 2024. I don't know if it will continue. Please help me if there is any other hidden cost. If so, please let me know what is it and how to remove or please feel free to remove that.

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Steps to Identify and Resolve AWS Forecasted Costs Check the Billing Dashboard:

Go to the AWS Management Console.

Navigate to the Billing and Cost Management Dashboard.

Review the Cost and Usage Reports to see if there are any ongoing charges for services you might have overlooked.

Analyze Cost Explorer:

Use the AWS Cost Explorer to get a detailed view of your past and forecasted costs.

Look at the breakdown by service and region to pinpoint any unexpected charges.

Review All Active Resources:

Make sure there are no active resources left. Check all regions as some services might be region-specific.

Services to double-check include:

EC2 (Instances, Elastic IPs, EBS Volumes)

S3 (Storage, Data Transfer)

RDS (Databases)

Lambda (Functions)

CloudWatch (Alarms, Logs)

Any other AWS services you might have used. ** Check for Reserved Instances:**

Sometimes, reserved instances can lead to ongoing costs if they are still active.

Navigate to the EC2 dashboard and look for any active reserved instances.

Verify Subscription Services:

Make sure there are no active subscriptions to Marketplace software, support plans, or other subscription-based services.

Inspect Linked Accounts:

If you have an AWS Organization, check if any linked accounts are incurring charges.

Look for Pending Credits or Charges:

Sometimes, billing anomalies occur due to pending credits or charges from previous months.

Contact AWS Support:

If after all these checks, you still see unexplained forecasted costs, contact AWS Support directly.

Create a support ticket explaining your situation and request a detailed explanation of the forecasted costs.

How to Contact AWS Support

Open the AWS Support Center:

Go to the AWS Support Center from the AWS Management Console.

Create a New Case:

Select Create case.

Choose Account and billing support.

Provide details about the issue, specifying that you see forecasted costs even though all services have been canceled.

Submit the Case:

Submit the case and wait for a response from AWS Support. They typically respond within a few hours to a day.

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  • Great. Many thanks for the response. I can see June 2024* as 0 and June 2024** as 0.43. The note says, ** is for forecast based on the history. I hope, there won't be any further charges.

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